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Comunicado Clientes N° 053 TCBUEN´s Logistic Warehouse will open on October 10th , 2011

Comunicado Clientes N° 053



TCBUEN is pleased to announce that as of October 10th, the company is offering its new logistic facilities located inside TCBUEN´s Maritime Terminal in Buenaventura, which will allow you to expand your business portfolio.

These facilities are equipped with modern technology. The first warehouse counts with an area of 3.200 m2 and 3, 800 rack positions for lose cargo storage, for container deconsolidation or cargo via consolidation in order to arrange in containers, export orders. Likewise Cross Docking operations may be carried out allowing transfer of goods from land transport to container or vice versa.

On the other hand, the second warehouse has an area of 2.000m2 that enables to export sugar in containers, thru bags or big bag presentation. This warehouse has 6 positions for unloading trucks and up to 14 simultaneous filling positions of containers

 Facilities include a large shed 1,300-m2 and 15 meters height that allows the permanent filling or emptying of containers. These warehouses will storage up to 60,000 bags of sugar and pack up to 50 containers per day via export.

Among others,Tcbuen has created suitable areas for sugar quality laboratories, and proper spaces to lodge the customs health and antinarcotics authorities, who will be able to perform their activities directly in these facilities to ensure compliance with legal regulations and conditions for cargo import or export.

These facilities are complemented with 12.000 m2 of areas for traffic and maneuver that provides full cargo operability.

The warehouses and operation areas have been provided with security mechanisms and structures that a competitive port facility must have to guarantee the integrity of  cargo and personnel keeping record and follow-up of the activities there developed as well.

Hereby TCBUEN extends Buenaventura’s capacity for the correct managing of lose cargo and for Sugar export and  import.


Gabriel Corrales Zambrano

 General  Manager

Sociedad Portuaria Terminal de Contenedores de Buenaventura (TCBUEN S.A.)

Buenaventura, 04 de octubre de 2011.



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